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According to statistics from an organization, the current total number of smokers in the world has exceeded 1 billion, and this number is still increasing.

With the progress of society, smoking is banned in more and more public places. This is very helpful to people's public life health. But the relatively private nvironment at home or office has become second-hand Smoke-stricken areas. The hazards of smoking will not be repeated here, and even smokers are well aware of these hazards. So how to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke on family life becomes very important.

Here we have prepared a product specifically for smokers, it has the following characteristics:

1- Can remove the second-hand smoke indoors in time

2- Simple operation, removable and easy to clean

3- In addition to removing second-hand smoke, it can also purify the surrounding air

4- Built-in rechargeable battery, more convenient for mobile use

5- Stylish and concise design

6- Built-in silent turbo fan, two-speed adjustable wind speed