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Here is to say: Inflatable Air Cheering Stick(Air Rod)

Material: High quality PP material

Specification: 60 CM long and 10 CM wide (conventional size). (manual measurement, there may be some errors, please take the actual as the standard!)

Applicability: concerts, evenings, contests, club activities, company activities, Festival props, etc.

New Thickened Air Bar/Fuel Bar/Hit Bar/Cheer Bar/Cheer Bar

GMTLIGHT has focused on supporting props for 10 years.

Instructions: Concerts, Competitions, Celebrations - Breathing Bar / Hit Bar / Cheer Bar / Gas Bar / Cheer Bar / Cheer Bar / Cheer Bar

Packaging: OPP bag; built-in air blowing pipe, automatic sealing after air blowing, reusable.

Colour: white/orange/red/purple/green/yellow/pink

Characteristic: The inflatable refueling rod can be reused. The collision makes a "bang" sound with metal sense. It is very pleasant and full of atmosphere.

Instructions for use for Inflatable Air Cheering Stick: 

1. Open the blower and insert it into the blower pipe; 

2. Blow hard to saturate it; 

3. Pull out the fisherman's trachea, and the inflatable rod will seal automatically.

4. The sound of "bang" is emitted by two sticks interacting with each other. 5. After use, the air blower can be inserted to deflate. 6. After deflation, it can be stored for the next use.

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