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GMTLIGHT heat transfer production process:

The first step of thermal transfer is to make high resolution pictures.

The second step of heat transfer printing is to make dot Gravure Engraving according to the size of the picture.

The third step of thermal transfer printing is to install gravure plate on printing machine and print it on PET polyester film, then print it into thermal transfer film, and print thousands of meters of finished pattern in one hour.

The fourth step of heat transfer printing is to install the heat transfer printing film on the hot transfer printing machine for printing. The operation is simple, the pattern is formed at one time, and there is no need for color matching.

A hot transfer press can print tens of thousands of products eight hours a day.

It can be applied to ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, glass, wood and coated metal.

Heat transfer printing can complete the printing of responsible patterns.