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Small size 172 LED kids performance flashing wing (6 sets/box)

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From the grant 1-5box 6box the above
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Updated: 2020-07-10
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Main features:

1 - the product uses cold light source, low temperature, long service life, small power consumption, more energy saving and safe use.

2 - high brightness, can be lit for a long time, easy to bend, high temperature resistance and good water proof performance.

3 - no welding points, not easy to break, small wire diameter (about 0.4-0.5mm), it's soft and can be bent moderately to make the desired shape

4 - 360 ° light with no dead angle. Light and easy to carry

The product uses 3 AA batteries, which is safer to use. The function is easy to use. You can control the light flashing function through the switch while dancing.

172 lamp beads are woven into brilliant lighting effect, as if stars are twinkling.

Energy saving design, the battery can be used continuously for more than 24 hours.