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Hot sale durable elastic led pet toy ball for dog(288pcs/lot))

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Updated: 2020-09-16
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Hot sale durable elastic led pet toy ball for dog    

Fun glow: When a dog plays a ball, it will give a flash of light when you kick it.
Tough and bite resistant: Rubber has good elasticity and has been tested to be bite resistant.
Safe and non-toxic: environmentally friendly rubber material, safe and non-toxic, play with confidence.
Cute shape: cute shape makes pets love it, environmentally friendly dyeing treatment, no fading.
Packing: 1pc/opp bag; 12pcs/color box; 288pcs/ctn; 50*39*43cm; 14/16kg
1, decompression
The way stress is released is usually manifested in destructive behaviors, and toys can help pets reduce stress and reduce their likelihood of destructive behavior.

2, relieve boredom
When you put the dog alone at home, he will be very bored, give him a lot of interesting toys, and with these choices, he can help him get bored.

3, stay healthy
Some dogs are usually lazy, usually do not like to exercise, resulting in obesity, seriously affecting his health, the toy is to deal with his lazy secret weapon. A good toy makes him move to help them stay healthy.

4, molars
He needs to grind his teeth often, and there will be an uncomfortable feeling during this period. In order to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling, he will find something to grind his teeth and make him have a good habit.

5, very busy every day, no time to play with it and want to enhance the relationship, buy a few toys he loves to play to him, you can play with it instead of you, can enhance your relationship, let the relationship go one step further.

Environmentally friendly material: This product is made of non-toxic rubber, which is strong and bite-resistant and does not hurt your teeth.
Luminous and bite-resistant: Containing a light-emitting device, a bite of green light can emit a flash of light, causing interest among dogs.
Grinding teeth: Made of non-toxic and bite-resistant material, while playing with pets, it can also remove dirt from the teeth and keep the teeth clean.
Unique shape: strange shape, once the pet has it, can't put it down.

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