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Wholesale Dark Tracker Light up LED electronic golf ball (300pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-09-18
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Company Details

Wholesale Dark Tracker Light up LED electronic golf ball

[Name] Wholesale Dark Tracker Light up LED electronic golf ball

[Size] 4.2cm

Weight: 45g / each

Light color: red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white, rainbow

[Battery] 2 * CR2032

LED: 2 * F5 lamp beads luminous mode: 5-8 minutes long, can be customized

Battery drive: 2 * CR2032 button batteries (up to 30 hours of use)

Material composition: Outer material: Sarin / surlyn, Inner material: Rubber

[Product selling point]

 Suitable for all kinds of advertising promotional gifts, holiday gifts, stadium training, business gifts, awards and commemorations.

Internal movement: using high-quality movement, long use time

Finished product: After years of running-in and summing up experience, the finished product produced has a lower defect rate and a longer life.

Movement synthetic rubber Surlyn

There are two types of flash balls: there are constant light types and there are flash types. The first row of the video below is a constant light type, and the ball glows automatically after 8 minutes. The second row of the video below is a flash type. The light flashes once and then goes off after 8 minutes.

 Flash ball type:

Blinking monochromatic light: The light emitted by the ball is flashing. The commonly used luminous colors are red light, blue light, green light, and we can also do purple light, yellow light, and white light.

Colorful luminous balls: can be customized, the principle is that after the ball is hit, it flashes blue light, and then flashes green light, you can customize more colors.

Steady Light led ball: It glows but is not flashing after being hit. It will go out 8 minutes after emitting monochromatic light.

Illuminated golf ball is suitable for playing at night or as a gift. You can customize the logo printing according to requirements.