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$150 could buy one lot Soft Therapy Exercise TPR Hand grip ball (300pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-09-22
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Soft Therapy Exercise TPR Hand grip ball

Features of TPR Hand grip ball: Because the grip ball has a small volume, it can be carried in your pocket, and you can also take it out when you are traveling by train or car. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who often work with their fingers and often go out.

Name: TPR Hand grip ball

Material: TPR

Spherical size: Dia.53cm

Egg-shaped size: 5.8 * 4.4cm

Heart-shaped size: 7 * 7 * 4cm

Pentagram size: Dia.8cm

Weight: 66-70g

Product color: yellow / blue / purple / red / green

Product packaging: 1pc / opp bag; 300pcs / ctn; 50 * 30 * 30cm; 21 / 21.5kg

Different colors represent different forces: yellow 15, orange 20, red 25, blue 30, green 35

Product care: In order to extend the service life of the silicone insole, it is recommended to wash it gently with water

Functions: Rehabilitation training, refining knuckles, pressing fingers on palm muscles, activating joints, training fingers, arm strength.

How to use: Basic practice: Hold the grip ball completely in your palm and do ten hand stretching exercises, first doing the right-hand exercises and then doing the left-hand exercises, alternating exercises.

Applicable people: rock climbers, bodybuilders train finger strength and grip; badminton, table tennis, basketball and other ball sports enthusiasts; learn to play the piano to exercise finger strength; for people who use computer keyboards and mouse for a long time


1. Reduce stress and strengthen hands, forearms and fingers with simple exercises.

2. First exercise the flexibility of muscles and fingers.

3. Suitable for primary strength training and rehabilitation training.

4. Squeeze, roll or press the ball to reduce tension and pressure.

5. Relieve muscle pain and stiffness, and promote blood circulation.

TPR Hand grip ball introduction: Grip ball, also called decompression ball, vent ball, is a kind of fitness ball that is popular in Europe and America. It uses durable high-elastic materials, which are mainly round and egg-shaped. It has a flexible feel and is suitable for all ages. It can exercise the muscle strength of the head and the flexibility of the fingers. It is suitable for primary strength training and rehabilitation training.