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LED Christmas modeling lights with suction cups for holiday decoration lamps (84pcs/lot)

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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-09-23
  • Pentagram
  • moon
  • bell
  • love
  • fawn
  • Santa Claus
  • snowflake
  • Christmas tree
  • Polaris
  • angel
  • snowman
light color:
  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green
  • orange
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Company Details

LED Christmas modeling lights with suction cups for holiday decoration lamps

USD99 for 80pcs!

Convenient to be put on window with suction cup, led light with energy saving and super bright, equiped with AAA battery to work for longer time.

① Product details: using AAA battery, there are suction cups on the back of the battery box, which can be freely adsorbed on glass or ceramic tiles. The LED lamp with Christmas style looks crystal clear and full of festive atmosphere. It is one of the recommended festival decorations. It is also the choice of daily decoration of the room.

② Product material: PS

③ Battery box: round with suction cup, using 3 AAA batteries

④ Working time: continuous working time is about 100 hours, battery can be replaced

⑤ Product specification: the average size is about 20 cm

⑥ Waterproof grade: ip42

⑦ Luminous flux: 50lm

⑧ Application: room decoration, festival, party, Christmas ornament, Valentine's Day ornament

⑨ Existing styles: Pentagram sucker, moon sucker, bell sucker, love sucker, fawn sucker, Santa Claus sucker, snowflake sucker, Christmas tree sucker, Polaris sucker, angel sucker, snowman sucker

⑩ Product packaging: OPP bag

Gmtlight's professional comments on LED Christmas lights with suction cups:

Depression and happiness coexist. When you are depressed, installing a suction cup LED light on the glass may relieve your pressure and create a happy atmosphere. The festival atmosphere is actually creating happiness. Led sucker modeling lamp tells us that happiness is very simple.

super bright for each lamp

Different styles