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Plastic Handle Flashing Light LED Earpick Tool Cartoon Detachable Ear Spoon (1000pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-09-24
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Company Details

Plastic Handle Flashing Light LED Earpick Tool Cartoon Detachable Ear Spoon

LED Flashing Earpick, the spoon can shine, you can clearly see the inside of the ear, and the non-slip design at the handle makes it safer to use. The main body is ABS resin, non-toxic and transparent, mild in nature and will not hurt the ear canal.

model: LFE-01

name: LED Flashing Earpick

Material: ABS

Size: 13.5*1.7cm

Weight: 15.5g

Packing: 1000pcs/ctn; 17kg

[Product introduction]: Special design: flashlight, rough LED Flashing Earpick, fine ear spoon, tweezers, accessory storage five-in-one.

The traditional ear pick spoon is easy to hurt your ears because you don't know the depth. If there is a small spotlight, you can see it clearly.

There are 2 types of ear cuts and tweezers, which are convenient and safe to use. When not in use, open the back cover of the back of the hand, put the two digging heads in, and take them out when you use them.

Instructions of LED Flashing Earpick:

1. Push the switch before use, the spoon of the ear spoon can be used for light, which is convenient to observe the inside of the ear;

2. There are two types of ear picks, large and small, which can meet the different needs of adults and children.

3. Tweezers can be used to clamp larger earwax;

4, as long as the transparent ear spoon or tweezers are removed, you can use it as a flashlight;

5. When the accessories are not in use, they can be hidden in the tube at the end of the ear spoon and pushed on the lid for easy storage;

6. After use, please turn off the light. If not used for a long time, please remove the battery to prevent battery leakage from damaging the product;

7. This product uses a small high-energy battery. When you open the battery cover, you can replace the battery.

Comfortable grip

The handle is comfortable and can be printed with a logo. A variety of colors can be selected.

ABS material

ABS material is more convenient and comfortable than traditional metal material.

Easy-to-use switch button on the side

It can replace the size of the front spoon, which is easy to use for adults and children.

Quality goods. The traditional ear pick spoon is easy to hurt the ears because it does not know the depth. If there is a small spotlight, it will be clear. Small creative, big effect. (With 3 heads. Built-in button battery.) Very practical, essential for home.

design concept:

1. This product is made of special transparent materials, with exquisite packaging, small and exquisite, smooth and transparent.

2. When digging the ears, a beam of light can be used to clearly see the inside of the ear without damaging the eardrum. The latest style is more convenient and safe;

3. Especially the children at home, the body develops fast, of course, the number of digging is also many, with it you can rest assured.