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2 in 1 simple sound dog chew toy with feed dispenser ball (50pcs/ctn)

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2 in 1 simple sound dog chew toy with feed dispenser ball (50pcs/ctn) 


- Training agility

- Chewing toy

- Seperation anxiety

- Leave boring time

- Teeth cleaning

- Exercise

- Food dispensing

- Item No.: DB-022

- Chewing ball size: Dia.80mm

- Total length: 187mm

- Material: Chewable rubber

- Application: Dog teeth cleaning

- Body color: Red+White / Red+Cyan

- Suitable breed: Almost dogs

- Function: Chew toy, Food dispenser

- Weight: 300g/pc

The rope material: Adopt the same material as the body armor surface, it can even resist the chew of the tiger. The rope we used can resist the chewing of all dogs.

Food dispensing function: Increase dogs interest, develop dogs intelligence, also can easily put dog food or dog treat inside.

Teeth cleaning: Chewable rubber in 360 degrees. Effectively cleaning pet dogs' teeth. Double layer tooth bulge can effectively remove dog's calculus, tartar and bad breath, keeping dog's oral health.