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RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo (200pcs/lot))

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Updated: 2020-10-09
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Company Details

RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo

LED light: 15 colors 3 watts

Shell color: regular white (can be customized) Battery: 7th battery *3PCS

Size 25*3CM

Material: ABS+PP, packaging: PE bag or blister. A single product is loaded into one PE bag, 50 products are packed in one inner box, and 200 products are packed in one outer box.Outer box size: 45*44*35CM; gross weight: 16KG

Hanging hole design: You can hang your favorite accessories or lanyard to make your glow stick more personalized and swing freely. The button switch at the bottom is very convenient to operate.

Safety insulation sheet: The insulation sheet can ensure no accidental power consumption during transportation. It can work normally after unplugging the insulation sheet before use.

The battery can be replaced: three 7-cell batteries are built in. When replacing the battery, just remove the small screw and remove the battery, then replace it with a new one. Easy to replace and longer lasting.

Sleek handle: The handle is made of high quality ABS material for a comfortable feel. All the materials are strictly comply with the CE and EN71 regulation.

The working frequency is 433MHZ, the transmitting power is 35W, and the effective use distance is in the range of 600 to 100 meters, depending on the environment of the scene. In addition to the remote control control, the product can also control the color of the light through the buttons on the product, that is, without using the remote control.

Performance: This RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo uses high-quality materials, super bright 3 watt LED lights can be used for 3000h, display light color through the straight tube shows a very shiny light and LOGO image. The overall brightness is extremely high and the effect is very beautiful.

Function: 15-color color-changing glow stick, can be used for remote control, button, voice control can do

This RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo is a high-brightness LED concert light stick that supports manual button control.

The wireless control mode and the voice control mode realize display effects such as colorful conversion and blinking.

This RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo is suitable for parties, parties, parties, concerts, sports events, anniversary celebrations, opening ceremony, etc. It can also be used as a children's toy. It is a new product that promotes and sings the atmosphere of the concert.

This RGB DMX Remote Controlled Led Light Stick With Logo can freely print various color patterns such as corporate LOGO and advertising logos, and can improve enterprises or brands through large-scale activities.