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Night club favor customized logo print led bottle sticker (800pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-10-14
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led bottle sticker

led bottle sticker with three lights led coaster wine glass sticker coaster led bottle sticker

led bottle sticker instructions for use:

Tear off the double-sided tape on the surface, and then gently put it on the bottom where you want it to shine, and then turn on the button on the bottom, it will bloom its glory!

Use of led bottle sticker:

led bottle sticker, can be affixed to any items that require light. For example, the bottom of a bottle can be used instead of a coaster. Bar KTV popular new creative decorative atmosphere supplies!

1. Press the key switch, fast flash once, slow flash second, and constant light third.

2.1 * CR2016 Electronics

3. Color: There are different lamp colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, colorful, pink, white and purple.

4.The size of the bottle sticker, the circle is 4.5 * 0.25CM

5.Number of LED lights: 3

6. Single weight: 4.5 g

7. Product material: One CR2016 battery, three lamps, ABS bottom case, EVA foam.

8.Lighting mode: fast flash, slow flash, long light, off;

9. Luminous time: about 40 hours for blue / green / white light and about 20 hours for red light.

10. Packing: 1pc/opp bag, 80pcs/inner box; 800pcs/ctn; 35*29*43cm; 8/10kg

led bottle sticker introduction:

1. The shape of the product can be round

2. Graphic LOGO, can be printed or can be used as stickers, color saturation and low cost, support for single color can also be multi-colored cost varies, can be customized

3. The number of LEDs is 1-3, and the general color of the led lights is: red / blue / green / white / yellow

4-segment flash function, if you want it to flash, it will flash, if you want to keep it on, it will keep on.

5. Reflective sticker design, so that the light can be refracted to every angle, make the light more shiny

【Packing information】

Product weight: 5.1G / piece.

Product packaging: 1PCS / bag, 600PCS / inner box, 2400PCS / outer box. Outer box size: 42 * 35 * 32CM. Gross Net Weight: 14.5 / 13 KG.

led bottle sticker with uniform brightness, smooth surface, large area can print LOGO, cost is more in line with gift choices, atmosphere adjustment suitable for various occasions This product is LED luminous booster supplies, to enhance the atmosphere of the scene, increase the rotten atmosphere. It is widely used in night clubs, bars, KTVs, family parties, birthday parties, parties, various cocktail parties and wine product promotion conferences. It is also a good choice for luminous gifts, gifts, promotional items, souvenirs and promotional media supplies.