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Best gift for kids LED Marshmallow Light Stick with bright light (500pcs/lot)

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Company Details

LED Marshmallow Light Stick

Product Name: LED Marshmallow Light Stick

Product material: PS + electronic components

Product size: 28 * 1.75CM

Luminous color: 18.2 / 16.6KG

Illumination mode: 8 flash modes

Power supply: 3 * AG3 button battery

Production process: printing, stickers

Packing: single OPP bag, 100PCS / inner box, 500PCS / outer box, 55 * 46 * 31.5CM, 18.2 / 16.6KG

It is mainly used for wrapping marshmallows and can be in contact with food. Plastic is a new environmentally friendly material. Factory direct sales, quality assurance, flash mode, with marshmallows have a beautiful and colorful effect is particularly good. Eye-catching and eye-catching for you!

Quality: The appearance of threaded glitter marshmallow sticks is clean and tidy. We guarantee that no glue is used for any part. The material is food-grade and environmentally friendly. This is a very suitable for large-scale evening parties, cultural performances, festivals and party events.

Definition of glow stick

One is to emit light through an LED light source, the other is a cold light source, and the other is a chemiluminescence rod, also called a fluorescent rod, which emits light through a chemical reaction when two chemical substances, acid and alkali, are broken.

Glow Stick Principle

The chemical cold light glow stick is a new type of light source that is popular internationally. It does not require a power source, and is directly converted from chemical energy into light energy. 24 hours, non-toxic and harmless.

Type of light stick

Glow sticks are divided into electronic light sticks and fluorescent light sticks according to their raw materials.

Electronic light sticks such as various LED flash sticks, telescopic sticks, rocker sticks, fairy sticks, etc.

Fluorescent light sticks, such as fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent straight sticks, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent collars, and various fluorescent jewelry.

Use of light stick

The main purpose of the light stick is to cheer, and it is widely used in concerts, sports meets, Christmas, Halloween, carnival and other large-scale events. [1] It is also widely used in festive, festival, event decoration, toys, quarter lighting, marine lifesaving, night sign signals, and fishing lights. Concerts, Oktoberfest, evening events, party parties, company annual celebrations, bar nights, school community events, opening celebrations.