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Stick Anywhere convenient touch led pir sensor night light (200/lot)

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Updated: 2020-10-19
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Stick Anywhere convenient touch led pir sensor night light

Home Cabinet Light with simple and elegant appearance, wild design concept, can be integrated into a variety of home styles. And there are charging styles and battery styles, which can be freely selected according to customer requirements.

Home Cabinet Light can be glued to the wall and used as a wall light. As long as you have a battery, you can use it directly in your hand for lighting.

Light source: LED lamp beads

Light color: white light / yellow light / cold light / warm light

Size: 21 * 90mm

Material: ABS & PC

Product power: 0.8W

Voltage: 4.5V

Switch: Tap the switch

Appearance color: white / black / silver

Number of lamp beads: 4/6

Packing: 200pcs/ctn; 46.5×41×38.5CM; 12.6/13.2KG

Tri-color color temperature / stepless dimming

Long press after turning on the light, you can steplessly adjust the brightness and adjust the three-color color temperature

Newly upgraded imported LED bulbs

Low temperature, long life, low power consumption

Dual control / low loss power consumption / high brightness adjustment

Stand-alone control

AB controls the two color temperatures separately

No wiring required

Configure 3M stickers, put them wherever you want

Rechargeable Battery

600Amh rechargeable lithium battery / 3 AAA batteries

Energy saving

3 AA batteries for 72 hours

Two-tone design

Two color temperatures light up warm furniture at will

Adjustable brightness

Stepless dimming design, three-color color temperature can adjust brightness

Installation tutorial

Disassembly-free installation

Attach the bottom cover

Tear off the primer

Stuck to the mounting position

Tap the switch

Spin off

Small and exquisite, you can put it anywhere