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Vehicle-mounted smart rotating solar car air Freshener (60pcs/lot))

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Updated: 2020-11-02
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Vehicle-mounted smart rotating solar car air Freshener


The Vehicle-mounted smart rotating solar car air Freshener with metal material has a very good texture. It can be used in cars, indoor air purification, and can also be used as a gift.

Product Name: Vehicle-mounted smart rotating solar car air Freshener

Model: SF-7638

Color: red, silver, black, gray

Material: zinc alloy + ABS

Size: 76*38mm

Weight: 240g

Function: Solar energy drives a small motor to rotate the propeller, thus emitting fragrance

Packing: 1pcs/inner box; 60pcs/ctn; 15.5KG; 56*33*24cm

Application: used in cars and indoor air purification

The appearance design is very novel, individual and creative, and the alloy material looks more textured.

Intelligent rotation by solar energy saves electricity and scents fragrance more quickly, can be recycled and lasts fragrance.

0 Added spices can get rid of peculiar smell, suitable for any people.

It can effectively remove the peculiar smell of air conditioners, leather, tobacco and human sweat.

When the sun is full, the propeller on the top of the product rotates intelligently; the bottom is equipped with high-quality 3M glue, which can be pasted and used repeatedly without damaging the car and leaving no trace.

The box packing picture: