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Dog walking rope tie-out stake set pack (50sets/ctn)

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Company Details

Dog walking rope tie-out stake set pack (50sets/ctn)

- Item No.: DB-X02

- Size: 120*33*260mm

- Material: ABS; TPR; Nylon; Polyster

- Body color: Cyan/Green/Yellow

- Application: Molar ball, Tie-out stake, Elastic rope ball

- Product weight: 400g

- Accessory: Stake*1; Molar ball*1; Elastic pull rope*1; Pull rope*1

- Connectors: Stainless steel universal buckle

- Packing details: 1 set/box; 50 sets/ctn; 65*46*58cm; 22/20KG

The Molar Ball

Designed with serrated molar bumps in four different intensities, which are full-enclosed arranged in 360 degrees. The four kinds of molar bumps combine effectively, you can also apply pet toothpaste or attractant on the molar ball, to thoroughly clean the dog's incisor, tine and molar, effectively remove all kinds of residues, dirt and dental calculus. The cleaning power is better and fully protect the dog's dental health.

Portable Tie-out Stick

It can be used as a tie-out stick for dog. It is produced by environmental friendly ABS material with strong, wear-resistant and long service life. The handle on the top and a spiral stick, to increase the force area of the stick. It's also time-saving and effortless. This one can be used on soft ground such as lawn by rotating it into with hands.

Combination 1: Elastic pull rope molar ball

Designed with hight elastic pull rope and a molar ball, which allow the dog to consume more physical energy and relieve anxiety, dog will like to do some exercises by it. The molar ball is made of TPR material which does not hurt the dog's gums and keep dog teeth healthy.

# Instruction:

- Fold the elastic rope in half

- Insert the rope from the hole on the top of the stick

- Connect the rope together with the reserved hook

- Pull up and tighten the rope at the same time

Combination 2: Portable tie-out stack

This product can be used as a dog walking partner for people. The pull rope is bite-resistant from large dogs and some fierce working dogs.

# Instruction:

- Snap the universal buckle from one end of the rope directly on the edge of the opening on the top of the handle

- The other end of the rope should snap directly on the ring of the pet collar

This tie-out stake is a multiple functional choice for dog walking, it can leash the dog while playing with the elastic rope ball to releasing dog's energy and setting the people free for a while.