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LED glowing explosion head wig (150pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-11-04
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Company Details

LED glowing explosion head wig 

LED glowing explosion head wig is a very popular party item. There are 6 bright LED lights on the product, which glow very brightly at night. And the factory accepts custom processing, so we can customize products according to customer's color and size.

Commodity name: Luminous explosion head wig

Product material: environmental protection PET + led lamp

Single weight: about 130 grams

Packing quantity: 150pcs; single opp bag; 40 * 50 * 60cm

LED luminous explosion head wig is suitable for Christmas, Halloween party, bar, concert cosplay, clown show, fan carnival

Description of LED light-emitting explosive head wig: specific style, color, and packaging can be customized to support sample processing.

Battery for LED wig with explosion head: Highlight button battery AG13, 6 LED lights, 2 lights each for red, green and blue. After turning on the power switch, it will flash alternately, which will add fun to your night life.

Flow chart of wig production:

Raw materials and hair

2. Cutting and cutting


4. Dispatching

5. Curls

6. baking

7. Tall cars

8. Sorting and packing