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64 LED laser beam wireless control turn signal lamp ( 50pcs/ctn )

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Company Details

64 LED laser beam wireless control turn signal lamp

- Item No.: BA112

- Material: ABS

- Size: 80*55*20mm for lamp / Φ55*25mm for controller

- Suitable handle size: Φ30mm

- Body color: Black

- Protection grade: Domestic life waterproof

- LED color: Red

- Number of LED: 64 LED

- Battery: 3.7V 600mAh for lamp / CR2032 for controller

- Light mode: Laser Parallel light / Safety signal / Turn signal

- Power supply: USB rechargeable

- Working time: about 10 hours continuously

- Weight: 125g/pc

- Packing: 50pcs/ctn; 64*32.5*25.5cm; 9.5/8KG

1. Wireless remote control turns to dot matrix display, wireless remote control cool style graphic tail lamp, wireless remote control laser parallel line

2. The battery uses 3.7V 650mah lithium electronic rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for ten hours at a time

3. The remote controller uses CR2032, which can be used for about three months

Packing details: Signal lamp*1; Remote controller*1; Holder*1; USB charge cable*1; Cable ties*2

The product adopts convenient USB charging mode and internal overcharge protection to ensure the safe use of the product, which can better extend the service life of the bicycle lamp.

When the indicator light on the left side of the product is always on, it indicates that the product needs to be charged. When charging, the red indicator light on the right side is on, and the green indicator light is on after full charging.

Three kinds of light modes can be switched, namely, turn signal mode, laser light mode and tail light warning mode. These modes can be turned on separately or used at the same time to provide more security for riding.

The waterproof grade of the safety lamp is IP55, and the product can still be used normally when it rains. Please do not immerse the product directly in water.

Through the built-in high brightness LED chip lamp, the power consumption of the product is less, which is helpful for extending the service life.

How to use:

1. Press and hold the host switch for 1 second to start the machine (all lights flash three times), and then press and hold for 1 second to turn off (all lights flash once). After starting up, the red light gap on the left side of the host will flash. Press and hold the code matching for 3 seconds (the host displays C), and press any code matching on the remote control.

2. Turn the steering switch upward to turn left (the left indicator light flashes), and downward turn the steering switch to the right (the right indicator light flashes).

3. Press the right button on the right of the remote control to turn on (blue indicator light in the middle flashes) and turn it off

4. Short press the left button of the remote control to turn the laser parallel line on and off

How to match code:

Press and hold the host switch for 1 second (all lights flash three times), and then press and hold for 1 second to turn off (all lights flash once). After starting up, the red light on the left side of the host will flicker intermittently. Press and hold for 3 seconds to code the device. When the host displays the letter C, press any button on the remote control to complete the code matching.

The slim and neat shape is combined with the suit design of round handle, which makes the appearance simple and full of modern feeling. The product has a wide range of radiation, and the specially designed elastic fastener can ensure that the product is firmly installed on the car body with different pipe diameters. The shape is light and neat, full of design sense, and it is suitable for various vehicle models.

The product is equipped with a special fixing frame, which not only does not affect the balance of the laser line, but also provides sufficient support strength. This allows the product to be firmly mounted on bicycles with diameters of 12-34mm.

When riding, move the paddle up to turn on the left turn indicator, and down to turn on the right turn indicator. The two buttons on the remote control are laser line control switch and tail light switch. Different light modes can be switched through the buttons.