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Hexagonal Nordic night light with soft led light (20pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-11-11
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Hexagonal Nordic night light with soft led light 

The hexagonal Nordic soft light night light is charged by USB and can be used repeatedly. It is suitable for many occasions, such as birthday parties, all holidays and advertising promotions.

Name: Hexagonal Nordic soft light night light

Material: Beech + Acrylic

Size: 175*60*190mm

Light source: LED

Power: 1.2W

Power supply mode: USB power supply / 300mAh

Packing size: 30*21*7cm

Weight: 0.45kg

Packing information: 1pc/inner box; 20pcs/carton; 62*37*44cm; 9kg


Two functions of the square Nordic soft light night light connection port:

Wired model: Wiring port

Charging model: wiring port and touch switch

The square Nordic soft light night light is made of high-quality beech wood. It is very high-grade, you can customize the logo on the product.

The square Nordic soft light night light is made of imported optical grade materials, with a light transmittance of over 98%, continuous non-aging, non-yellowing, and anti-static.