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Kids gift foam material LED colorful luminous water gun (200pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-11-13
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Company Details

Kids gift foam material LED colorful luminous water gun

LED colorful luminous water gun with 2pcs*AA battery, could light about 30 hours. The electronics can be replaced and the price is extremely high. The colors are bright and colorful, and full of brilliance. It is a water play prop that children like very much.

Product name: LED colorful luminous water gun

Led light color: red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white, colorful

Product size: 43*5cm

Material: foam

Working mode: Pull to both sides to emit light, and close it automatically without light.

Battery: 3pcs*AA battery, changable

Light Time: Can continue to emit light for about 24-30 hours

It is made of white pearl foam with a plastic tube inside, which is waterproof.

Battery replacement instructions: There is a cover at the bottom of the LED luminous water gun, and there is a gap in the middle of the cover to put a coin to open the battery, which is convenient and quick.

It is simple and convenient to use. It can be illuminated by pulling it to both sides, and it will not emit light when closed. It is a good prop for children to play in the water.