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Fashion design LED luminous beanie hat with 5pcs led light (200pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-11-17
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Company Details

Fashion design LED luminous beanie hat with 5pcs led light 

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Product Name: LED Street Dance Glowing Hat

Product weight: 75G

Product packaging: one top plastic bag, 200 top one outer box, gross weight 17KG, net weight 15KG

Outer box size: 57*54*38CM

Product details of LED Beanie Hat: attention to detail and quality.

Light-emitting principle of LED Beanie Hat: The LED Beanie Hat is made of LED light-emitting technology. The battery is two 2032 button batteries (can be replaced).

It can work continuously for 12 hours. After 12 hours, the light is dark. After 24 hours, the light is off. The switch is on the battery box. The switch can turn on 5 LED lights.

Applicable scenes of LED Beanie Hat: The products are mostly used in large and medium-sized concerts, bars, dance halls, sports games and other various parties. It is a passionate advertising gift for fans and fans. Make it add color to the scene, creating a colorful night event and entertainment and leisure environment for everyone!

Applicable gifts occasions of LED Beanie Hat: advertising promotions, business gifts, festivals, housewarming, birthdays, weddings, awards commemorative, trade fairs, anniversary celebrations, opening ceremony, employee benefits, public relations planning, dances, etc.