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Science fiction film technical look eyeshade glasses (20pcs/ctn)

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Science fiction film technical look eyeshade glasses (20pcs/ctn)

- Item No.: LFG-600

- Material: Acrylic

- Body color: Transparent + Black

- Light source: LED

- LED color: R/G/B/RGB color changing

- Light mode: Single color/Multiple colors

- Battery: CR2032 (Replaceable)

- Working time: about 10 hours

- Weight: 150g/pc

- Package: Paper box for each pc

- Application: Party/Concert/Dancing festival/Pub

How to use

1 - Put the battery inside the glasses. First open the package and then take out the glasses. The key is on both sides of the glasses.

2 - Press the on button and press the red light. Press again for seven monochromatic colors. After the seven monochromes are pressed, press again to flash, and then press to turn on the automatic color changing breathing lamp. Then press to change color automatically. Then press the button to turn off the color automatically. Press the button for five seconds in any mode.