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Box packed battery power cute color mini vacuum cleaner (60pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-12-09
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Box packed battery power cute color mini vacuum cleaner (60pcs/ctn)

Mini size desktop cleaner can be placed in a purse or backpack, which is convenient for carrying around when traveling. It is very suitable for removing dust on the surface of household appliances, laptops, computer keyboards or furniture. Has strong suction, removes dust, confetti, easy hair loss, ashes, hair, crumbs and car interiors.

- 360° rising wind direction spiral blade.

- Ascending wind direction, dust-free, smooth and clean vacuum, compact size.

- High toughness Nylon Brush in the bottom for long life use.

- Strong suction power, cleans up dust, paper scraps, lint, ash, hair, crumbs & interior of car with ease

- With 360 degree ascendant wind, dust locks tightly won't disperse

- 2 of AA Battery operated(not included), energy saver.