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USB power balance lamp warm white magnetic switch light (10pcs/ctn)

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USB power balance lamp warm white magnetic switch light (10pcs/ctn)

This decorative lamp uses an interesting magnetic switch design, when the two balls in the middle of the lamp attract each other, the lamp will be lit. A beautiful C-shape will appear in your field of vision when the light is on. Its light not only has a wide range of illumination, but also has uniform and non dazzling light, which can reduce the fatigue of eyes to light.

Packing: 1pc/paper box; 10pcs/ctn


- Item No.: ML-MC01

- Size: 250*320*60mm

- Material: Wood + Aluminum alloy

- Shape: Circle

- Light source: LED

- LED color: Warm white for regular

- Color temperature: 3000K

- Power supply: USB

- Voltage: 5V

- Switch: Magnetic switch

- Power: 5W

- Weight: 800g/pc

The magnetic balance lamp is very balanced because it looks good wherever it is placed. For example, the bedside of the bedroom, or the side table of the living room, or the product exhibition hall, etc. it can be everywhere.

In our opinion, the design inspiration of this product comes from the pursuit of simple life, with simple lines to outline the shape of the lamp body, symmetrical shape will not make people feel rigid, taking into account the neatness, generosity and beauty.