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Small order new design comfort PU bicycle seat (12pcs/ctn)

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Small order new design comfort PU bicycle seat (12pcs/ctn)


- Reduce friction between hips and cushions

- Increase riding comfort

- Reduce the pressure of traditional seat on the lower body of male cyclists

- It can fit the hip curve better, and the riding is more easier

- It has better vibration absorption effect

- Elbow support design for better cushioning effect

- Suitable for most bicycles

-Integrated molding cushion, more accurate contour modeling

PU surface material, comfortable and breathable.

The supporting rod is designed to streamline shape, which is beautiful and can provide better shock absorption and cushioning effect.

The seat cushion is produced by one-piece injection molding process, with nose less cushion design.


1- Remove the original bike seat cushion

2- Put new seat onto the installation position

3- Align and fasten the upper and lower fixing positions

4- Install the top screw cap

5- Tighten the screws below

6- Installation completed

- Item No.: BA76

- Size: 200*145*200mm

- Material: PU, PVC, Manganese alloy

- Body color: Black

- Weight: 1.15KG

- Application: Suitable for almost kinds of bicycles

- Regular package: Paper box for each product

- Packing details: 1pc/paper box; 12pcs/ctn; 66*55*85cm; 16/15.5KG


- This kind of car seat will have very slight shaking after being installed, which is designed for shock absorption and buffering, which is normal.

- If the seat still shakes left and right after fixing, please continue to tighten the screw.

- After installation, if you feel uncomfortable riding, please adjust the height of the cushion and the distance between the front and rear.