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USB sensitive switch bike hub circle lamp with colorful light (100pcs/ctn)

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USB sensitive switch bike hub circle lamp with colorful light (100pcs/ctn)

Mode operation:

1- Long press for 2-3 seconds to turn on and off, short press to switch the light color and flashing mode: green light (flashing + always on), red light (flashing + constantly bright), blue light (flashing + constantly bright), pink light (flashing + constantly bright), cyan light (flashing + normally bright), yellow light (flashing + constantly bright), white light (flashing + normally bright), and 7 colors flashing in turn.

2- press and hold for 3 seconds in the off state to start the 18 Decor change mode: various light colors change automatically, once every 3 seconds.

To illuminate others is to protect ourselves.

The shell of the product is designed by Fresnel optical lens and its combined lens principle, so that the luminous flux can be optimized and improved, and the light source can be evenly projected on the wheel rim, so as to achieve the effect that the whole wheel rim emits light.

VDI optical shading lines are added to soften the light emitted from the outside without irritating the eyes, which is very important for the safety of use, especially for children.

USB charging: with overcharge protection circuit design, you can use computers, chargers and other devices with USB interface to charge the product.

1- When the red light is on, it means that the product is charging.

2- When the green light is on, it indicates that the product is fully charged and can be used.

Product features:

- Anti touch switch, long press for 2 seconds to start the product.

- Reinforced PC material with better toughness and elasticity.

- The light-emitting parts use RGB light strip with high brightness, which has better toughness.

- Enhanced hinge design, more convenient disassembly and assembly.

- Item No.: BA13

- Size: Outer dia.82mm; Inner dia.30mm

- Thickness: 16mm

- Material: PC

- Body color: Transparent white

- Number of LED: 12 LED

- LED color: RGB by each

- Power supply: USB rechargeable

- Battery capacity: 300mAh

- Waterproof grade: Daily life waterproof

- Working time: about 8-12 hours

- Weight: 75g

- Mounting caliber: ≤30mm

- Regular package: Paper box for each set

- Package list: Hub light*1; USB cable*1; Rubber gasket*6

- Packing details: 1pc/paper box; 100pcs/ctn; 40*25*38cm; 8.5/7.5KG