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4 different lbs in 1 pack elastic fitness resistance loop bands (10 sets/ctn)

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4 different lbs in 1 pack elastic fitness resistance loop bands (10 sets/ctn)


- Item No.: YSR-003G

- Material: TPE

- Size: Perimeter 208cm

- General thickness: 4.5mm

- Body color: Red / Black / Purple / Green

- Parameter of Red: W.13mm / 15-25lbs

- Parameter of Black: W.21mm / 25-50lbs

- Parameter of Purple: W.32mm / 50-75lbs

- Parameter of Green: W.44mm / 100-120lbs

- Packing details: 4 bands/bag within box; 10 sets/ctn; 48*28.5*26cm; 11/10KG

Uses: strength training, stretching and warm-up, fitness props, sports running, recovery training

The circumference of the product is 208cm, and the length can be stretched 2-3 times. It is a simple exercise product for both upper and lower limbs.

Support customized logo: these training resistance bands can be printed with customized logo, we can make effect pictures for you in advance, so that you can view the printing effect after you provide the logo.

This training resistance band has a wide range of applications. You can use it alone, or you can use it fixed on fitness equipment or bracket. The resistance band can exercise the muscles of the hands, neck, back, waist and legs. In addition to allowing you to achieve the purpose of exercise, it can also help you do some restorative training when you need it.