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10pcs in a package pet dog funny toy roly-poly feeding dispenser (10pcs/ctn)

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10pcs in a package pet dog funny toy roly-poly feeding dispenser (10pcs/ctn)

Delicious and fun wear resistant and anti-bite.

Easy to play, food dispensing by pushing the product gently.

Double temptation, attract dogs attention continously, no more destruction from dogs.

Easy operation and relaxed training, easy to operate so that dogs can learn easily.

1- Open the lid and put dog treat inside.

2- Adjust the dial to choose Hole #1 or Hole #2, both 2 holes can be opened or closed together.

3- This toy could be started playing with dog and dispensing food.

Adjustable designed dispensing hole for feeding.

Different with other dog treat toys in market, you can adjust size of two food dispensing holes according to your own idea.

1- Two holes opened both.

2- One hole opened only.

3- Two holes closed both.

Inner maze design can make sure each dog treats has to go through many barrier, and then arrive to dog's mouth. Compared with regular dog toys, extend the "hunting" difficulty and time. Adjustable buckles enable this toy fits different size dog treats and food, also control the speed of food outflow.

Open the lid then you can put dog treat inside. You can add more treats anytime you want when you play with the dog, it's very convenient. Large and round top lid can be open easily, avoiding toy destruction because of the bit habit, also protect pet from hurt.

Slowly food dispensing feeding is more safe.

Bacause the adjustable holes design, only a little dog food is enough for them to play whole day.