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Diy honeycomb touch-sensing intelligent quantum lamp (10pcs/box)

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Updated: 2020-07-08
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Company Details

remarks:10pcs are packed in a color box.

This is a lighting lamp that can be DIY arbitrarily, splicing various shapes, and can also change the shape in different periods, simple installation, color according to preference, is a more humane lamp.

Product name: Splicable honeycomb touch-sensing intelligent quantum light

Product material: PP

Product size: can be customized

Product weight: 115 grams per power adapter and 105 grams per lamp.

Product support: power adapter, instruction manual, color box, product stickers (assorted by quantity)

Reference color box specifications: 10 pieces of color box specifications are 12.5 * 12.5 * 20.5CM

Input power: 110 ~ 230 volts

Load: Each power adapter can load 10 honeycomb lights;

Used with double-sided tape. There is a hook on the back of the product or you can use the hook by yourself. Double-sided adhesive bonding Rotate when removing. Do not pull out hard.

The splicable honeycomb-type touch-sensing intelligent quantum lamp splices hexagonal modules together by means of magnetic attraction, which can be used as wall lamps. And equipped with touch on and off mode, light touch with your hand can be turned on or off.

The socket has European regulations, American regulations and Australian regulations, which can be used in any country.

installation method:

1. choose an installation location

2. connect the back power supply

3. small hole o the back can hang on the wall

4. Or use a sticker to stick on the wall

5. sliding connection

6. touch open, the contact area the bigger the better

7. no need to press hard, the light can sense the distance

8. combine the shapes you want

Magnetic modular hexagons

Creative honeycomb atmosphere quantum light

Creative honeycomb

Touch switch

Random combination

Product knowledge:

1) Non-destructive installation, simple and easy to install and dismantle, you only need to install a nearby socket to supply power.

2) It can be freely combined, using different numbers of modules to form the pattern you want. It can be used as a lighting night light, and it can also be used as a wall decoration artwork to add beautiful scenery to your home

3) There are multiple colors to choose from. You can either use the same color to arrange and combine them, or use different colors to combine them, and you can use the space you imagine.

4) If there is a problem with a certain lamp, you only need to replace the one that has the problem, and you do not need to replace all the lamps, eliminating your worries.