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Solar power cracked glass tank garden lamp

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Updated: 2020-07-20
color of led:
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  • warm white
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Company Details

Solar cracked glass tank garden lamp

Product details: cracked glass can give better light sense; solar power supply does not need any power supply; the rope design can be hung in any place that can be exposed to the sun; the garden decoration effect is good;

Product material: glass, hemp rope, solar panel

Solar panel power: 120 mA

Battery capacity: 1.2V, 600mah

Gross weight: 650g

Number of LED lights: built in 20 warm white LED lights;

Packing method: Poly Dragon material + carton (special requirements can be customized)

Waterproof grade: IP44

Overall dimension: 14.5 * 12.5 (CM)

Product sales mode (multiple models): home wholesale, retail on eBay, Amazon, wish, express, independent station, lazada and other platforms;

Product style: Retro nostalgic features

Gmtlight for solar energy cracked glass tank garden lamp,

It's a simple thing to decorate the courtyard with some glass tanks and solar lamps. once implemented, with the support of solar energy, it will bring you daily pleasure and happiness.