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Kids gift LED Hover Soccer Ball

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Kids gift LED Hover Soccer Ball 

The LED Hover Soccer Ball has many features. It can strengthen the body and promote the growth of the baby's bones; it can also change the personality to make the child more lively and cheerful; it can also enhance immunity and protect children's health.

LED Hover Soccer Ball installation battery operation:

1. Open the bottom battery cover with a screwdriver

2. Load four 1.5V batteries

3. Turn on the switch to start and play.

The LED Hover Soccer Ball is driven by a rotary motor. The switch is turned on and the inside starts to operate. The motor drives the circulation of the airflow to generate air buoyancy.

1. Balloon Circulating Football: Suspended football is a floating toy that moves football. It is a good toy for children to play indoors as long as they can easily play football on the ground.

2. High-elastic safety edging, the edge is wrapped in foam, will not damage the furniture and hurt the small feet.

3. Rotary motor drive: Contains a rotary motor drive, open the switch to start working inside, the motor drive to drive the circulation of the balloon to generate air.

4. Colorful LED lights: built-in multiple LED lights, open the soft lighting of the restaurant, can effectively prevent the child's vision.

5. ABS is non-toxic and safe, safe to play will not damage the furniture

Unite and cooperate to promote parent-child relationships

You can promote the teamwork ability between your baby and your friends through team interaction games, and develop your communication skills from an early age.

Help grow, play football and promote growth

You can exercise your baby's athletic ability by practicing football and practice your ability.

Parent-child interaction, promote parent-child relationship

You can play games with your baby to make your baby grow healthy and grow up in a loving environment.

Suspended football is not the whole football suspension, normal is suspended ground 0.01 cm, reduce the pressure, you can use the hands or feet to assist the play process, but different from ordinary football, can not be violent, please operate on the smooth ground or the floor.

Built-in three high-brightness LED lights, so that the suspended football is still visible at night, the choice of lighting makes football more attractive to children's interests, so that children love sports from an early age.

Fun and fitness indoor toys, so that children can not put it down.