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Outdoor Favor Disposable Raincoat Ball

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Updated: 2020-07-21
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Outdoor Favor Disposable Raincoat Ball


Outdoor Raincoat Ball, light and beautiful, the ball shape is very creative, easy to carry, the ball has a hook, can be hung on the bag or anywhere, can deal with sudden rain. Traveling and going out can be carried with you, which is very convenient.


Product Name: Outdoor Raincoat Ball
Weight: about 53g
Ball material: PS / Diameter: 6.5cm
Raincoat material: PE / size: 90cmX120cm / thickness: 0.015mm
Color: red, white, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue
Packing number: 1pc/opp bag; 200PCS/box; 64cmX33cmX38cm; 12kg


Outdoor Raincoat Ball
It is a very useful portable raincoat for outdoor camping, climbing, fishing, picnic, etc. in summer.

Outdoor Raincoat Ball can be printed from 1000 on the ball surface, the thickness of the raincoat is 0.015mm, and 3000 pieces on the rain poncho. If there is a customer who needs to print, please tell us the specific number and LOGO.