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Night favor LED Neon Shutter Glasses (576pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-27
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Company Details

Night favor LED Neon Shutter Glasses

576pcs per lot!

Product Name: Led Shutter Shades Glasses

Material: plastic, LED light, cold light bar, 3 AG3 button batteries, button switch

Flash mode: adjustable switch, the first gear is always on, the second gear is fast flash, and the third gear is slow flash (this section can be used for sound control, and the sound sensor flashes)

Product color: red, blue, green, white

LED color: red, blue, green, white

Material: plastic, LED light, cold light bar, 3 AG3 button batteries, button switch

Product size: 15.5X5.6X12.8cm

Battery: 3pcs * LR41 battery

Product packaging: 1 in OPP bag / bag; 12 in one medium bag; 576 / carton; 65 * 35 * 55cm; 20.5KG; 22KG

Insulation sheet design

To prevent electrical leakage, remove the insulation sheet before use.

Product switch, lightly press the black switch to light up.

Safety material

Made of ABS plastic material, safe and non-toxic

Led Shutter Shades Glasses: This is a very popular light-emitting glasses, which is EL light-emitting principle, and has different flash modes. When the user wears during the day, it is as practical as ordinary glasses; when the user wears at night Turning the switch on can make the EL light in the wide frame shine, which can attract many people's attention. At this time, it is more beautiful than ordinary optical glasses, and it can also play a role of close-range lighting.

Fashionable frame, EL flash mode, removable battery, simple and convenient operation, adults and children all have suitable styles, can be printed with LOGO, or sticker pattern, frame design personality, can dress up your personal charm, add The flashing streamline jumps, adds points for your night, creates a dynamic, trendy personality, is easy to use, light and colorful, very stylish, and very attractive to young people.

It is mainly used in disco, sprinkle bar, party and other entertainment places. Its luminous color is bright and bright, and the light is soft. There are many luminous colors for you to choose. The operation is simple and convenient. It is your first choice gift for entertainment and promotion.