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LED decorative lamp light for vase with simulation branch(600pcs/lot)

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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-07-24
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Company Details

Simulation branch LED decorative lamp (battery not included in prices)

Product details: imitation branch modeling, with LED lights embellishment, Nordic style, simple, bright, room and bedroom layout, creative night light, can also be used in public hall decoration. Because of the battery box, it can be arranged in any place that needs decoration.

Each branch includes: battery box + 20 simulated branches of LED lights, and 5 branches of branches;

Battery: AA battery, 2 pcs

Lamp string specification: 77cm

Waterproof grade: IP54

Control mode: manual switch

Certification: CE / RoHS

Product attributes: branch lamp, branch lamp string, simulation branch lamp

Continuous working time: 40 hours (usually AA battery)

Branch inner core material: iron wire, can bend and deform at will, shape any shape.

Single for Simulation branch shaped LED decorative lamp

Gmtlight for the simulation of branch LED decorative lights,

This is a handy product to make your environment more warm and comfortable. Because of her, life will be better.