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LED pattern display scroll bracelet (60 pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-25
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Company Details

LED pattern display scroll bracelet (60 pcs/lot)

Tips: 60pcs/lot with regular standard display content by the factory

- Item No.: BB-31

- Size: 4-7cm

- Weight: 42g/pc

- Battery: 2pcs * CR2025 (Included & Replaceable)

- Material: TPU + ABS + PC

Unique Characteristic:

- Cool technology shape

- Widely application

- Essential for night Sports

- Long time use

- 9 different patterns

- Different color appearance

- Simple operate by one key

- Larger display area

- Small and portable

LED Display Bracelet has a variety of color matching, there is always a color for you.

The luminous part of the bracelet is composed of 140 color LEDs, with a luminous area of up to 98%, making the design clearer and making you the focus of the whole scene easily.

LED Display Bracelet are widely used in elections, concerts, corporate conferences, fan meetings, birthday parties, bars, discos, night runs and most night activities.

The bracelet is controlled by one single button, so that it's easy to use. Long press button can control on and off, short press button can change the displayed content.

With TPU material on the bracelet, it is comfortable to wear it. And its size makes it available to most people.