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Editable message display light (50pcs/lot)

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Company Details

Editable message display cycling safety light (50pcs/lot)

- Item No.: BLD45

- Size: 92*30*8mm

- Material: ABS

- Power supply: Rechargeable battery inside

- Power: 3W

- Charging type: USB interface

- Charging time: about 4-5 hours

- Working time: about 12-24 hours by each charge

- Weight: 30g

- Brightness: 30LM

- LED color: Red

- Product color: Black / Silver

- Display amount: 4096 bytes totally

- Display speed: 8 speed adjustable

- Brightness: 4 brightness adjustable

- Application: Cycling/Helmet/Bag/Business Promotion

It can be riding tail lights, helmet warning lights, outdoor backpack lights, business promotion advertising lights and so on.

Display language: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Italian and some European languages. BTW, Korean is not supported.

Display mode: up, down, left, right, animation, snow, scroll, laser, fixed, lantern, flashing

Quick start: one button to start products.

Speed adjustable: the scrolling display speed of subtitle information can be adjusted, and there are 8 kinds of speeds to choose from.

Quick installation: the package is equipped with quick installation port of silica gel, which can install the product in the situation you want without tools.

Small and portable: small size, mini, easy to carry, not to add extra burden for you, while providing enough light.

Life waterproof: the products are sealed and processed to meet the waterproof performance of life.

USB charging: by connecting the computer, charger and other accessories, you can charge the product quickly at any time.

Long standby time: 300mAh battery makes the service time longer, meeting the safety needs of riding at night.

Anti falling and anti cracking: the products are produced with environmentally friendly ABS materials, so that the products can be used for a longer time.

High performance electronic chip: clear display without stroboscopic, stable performance, brightness and speed of display can be adjusted.

Multi purpose LED lamp designed for convenience and rapidity.

Simple appearance and rich functions, it is suitable for all kinds of environments to meet more needs in life.

Package includes: LED screen light, USB cable, quick installation accessary, subtitle editing software CD.