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Sound type dog toothbrush toy (100 pcs/lot)

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Sound type dog toothbrush toy (100 pcs/lot)

- Item No.: DB-020

- Size: Dia.79*180mm (Dia.3.1*7.1inch)

- Material: TPR

- Body color: Cyan / Yellow / Green

- Function: Dental care for dogs

- Weight: 180g/pc

Serrated molars are a great way to clean the dirt and stones in dog’s back teeth. 

This product is suitable to small, medium and large dogs in any breeds.

The triangualr cone-shaped molar protrusion is designed to clean the dog's incisors, when the dog is playing with it, dog's incisors will bite the triangular molar protrusion area, which will clean the incisors deeply. Daily protection of dogs' incisors will keep them more healthy.

The updated designed jagged molar protrusions are distribited in different sizes. According to the chewing habits of pet dogs, dogs will chew the product with molars. 

Each jagged molar protrusion we design will have 2 protrusions. When chewing this product, the molar protrusion will cause greater friction on the molars,

which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars.

The newly designed pet dog fangs (tooth molar aisle) has fully surpassed similar products. When pets bite it, the sharp teeth will enter the (curved cleaning tank) in the molar channel, and the (sharp molar) arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the canine of the dog from top to bottom. This product can effectively remove the teeth and dirt at the roots of fangs to ensure the daily health of the dog's mouth.