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Waterproof Safety Outdoor Travel led dog collar pendant (288pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-28
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Company Details

Bright light led Pet Collar Pendant

The LED pet pendant can be hung on the pet's collar to facilitate night travel and keep track at any time. It can also be used as a key ring, a flash toy, and a very convenient little thing.

Instructions for the use of LED pet pendant: Press the flash light source for the first time, press the slow flash light source for the second time, press the long light state for the third time.

Luminescent mode: flash - slow flash - long bright (seven colors in turn, flash)

With lovely fashion in the daytime, with warning effect in the evening, safety.

It's easy to go out with "it" now, as a small hanging piece in the daytime, making a full turnaround rate, and never worrying about finding a baby at night. You can find him with a glittering eye.

The material of LED pet ornaments is safe and firm. Environmentally friendly thickened latex, anti-fall and anti-bite, no damage to pet skin; stainless steel hook, even if it touches water will not rust oh

Convenient and affordable, can replace button batteries, no electricity, as long as the nail off the back cover, easily can be replaced with new batteries to continue to use.

With a twinkle and a sparkle, we don't have to worry about losing our dear pet anymore. We should all have the experience of taking our puppy out for a walk in the evening, buying a bottle of mineral water, turning around and startled, the dog disappeared, the darkness could not be found at all. Finally, the whole family went out and found it in the grass heap. What a great luck!

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