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Outdoor solar ball lamp $79.99 for 40pcs!

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Price $86.00 $79.99
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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-07-28
color of LED:
  • white
  • warm white
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Company Details

Outdoor spherical solar hanging ball lamp,40pcs per lot.

Product advantages: as long as the switch is turned on, hanging in the outdoor needs of the place, the night can bring light.

Product features and uses: courtyard, garden, park scenic spot lighting.

1. Product material: stainless steel + plastic

2. Solar panels: polycrystalline solar panels

3. Solar panel: 2V, 120mA

4. Rechargeable battery: 1 600mA Ni MH battery

Five LED:1 A patch of white light or warm white light

6. Normal working hours: 8 hours

7.Size: ball diameter 14cm, stainless steel lamp cap size: diameter: 7.5x h3cm, total lamp height: 22cm

8.Package: white box 0.21kg/piece,size: 15.6x14.5x15cn

9. Box: 40 pieces / box weight: 10.2kg, outer box size: 62 * 32.5 * 81cm