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Light up feather made night practice LED badminton (400pcs/lot)

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Light up feather made night practice LED badminton (400pcs/lot)

- Item No.: BCB-011

- Material: Feather, Foam

- Diameter: 65-68mm

- Length: about 78-80mm

- Speed: ≥78

- Number of LED: 1 LED

- Ball head color: White

- Color of feather: White

- LED color: R/G/B/Y (Random packed in each papertube)

- Battery: CR927 (Included)

- Switch type: Toggle

- Weight: 6-7g/pc

- Application: Night practice

- Packing: 4pcs/papertube; 400pcs/ctn; 67*35*48cm; 13/10KG

We use foam ball head to produce, the advantage of foam ball head is good elasticity and durable.

The tightly wound thread is divided into multi-layer processing, so that the wool pieces are arranged more tightly and firmly, which makes the badminton more stable in the air.

The feather stem is tough and strong, and the spacing between the feather stem and the feather stem is uniform and the size is consistent. The strong feather rod enhances the strength and toughness of the ball, so that the feather is not easy to be broken, and the product is more durable.

The most important feature is the innovative LED lamp design, through the toggle switch control lamp on and off. With this seemingly simple luminous design, badminton is no longer affected and restricted by the night. The continuous lighting allows you to easily find the position of the ball even in complete darkness.

This luminous badminton is light and stable. The small turning radius and fast return speed make people feel better and more coherent in the process of playing. These advantages come from the fine workmanship and stable quality of the products. The plumes are arranged neatly and evenly. Each plume has been cut and shaped uniformly. Our efforts have made the flying posture of the ball stable and the landing point accurate.

In the badminton court at night, there is nothing you can do without lights. But even so, luminous badminton still allows you to achieve the goal of playing at night. When the badminton is hit out, you will find it in the air across a beautiful arc to fly to each other's field, LED lights play a key role, the luminous badminton is more like a meteor in the sky, and this light will always accompany you at night.

Badminton flight posture is stable, excellent product quality control makes it not easy to appear deviation in the use process. In addition, the feel of the ball is also very good. First of all, its weight is just right, which is equivalent to the weight of ordinary badminton without lights, so there will be no extra burden when using it. Secondly, it has a very fast return speed, unlike those inferior products, which cause unstable flight track due to slow return speed. People don't like the inferior ball, which is the reason, because these are not perfect The ball makes it difficult to judge the position of the ball, which is a fatal defect for badminton fans.