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Elastic Pull Rope (200pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-29
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Company Details

Elastic Pull Rope

Abdominal tension device can be used for fitness, shaping, weight loss, small and convenient.

Name: Sit-ups

Material: TPE + environmentally friendly foam

Color: five-color selection

Size: 40 * 26cm

Stretching length: 120cm

Scope of application: fitness-assisted exercise

Features: light and easy to carry, durable

Packing: 1pc per bag; 200pcs/ctn; 50*35*40cm; 6.8kg

The stretched length should not exceed 2.5 times the original length. After 50 times of stretching, stop for 10 minutes. When stretching, make sure that the sole of the foot is firmly pressed down with foam on the bottom.

01. 4-stretch elastic latex tube

Natural latex material, safe 4 strands of elastic rope, high-strength rebound.

02. Soft foam handle

High-density soft foam, comfortable and not hurt your hands.

03. Multi-faced tread

Non-slip foot pedal, safe and secure to use.

Waist training

The body sits on a yoga mat with feet flat. Put your feet on the fixed footrest, hold the handle with both hands and use your waist strength to lie back, so that your body lies flat on the yoga mat. Repeated a few times, you can effectively exercise the feet, reduce fat.

Shoulder training

Stand upright and place both feet in a fixed footrest. Hold the handle with both hands and pull it up and down. According to your own situation, repeat it many times. It is recommended to use 15 times per group. Repeat 2-3 groups.

Hand training

Place the two feet in a fixed foot pedal into a 90-degree bend, and then hold the arm with your hand and pull it back and forth with even force. The palm can be held upward to exercise the inner muscles of the arm.

Waist training

The body is lying on the yoga mat, holding the handle of the puller with both hands, placing the feet on the pedal, and pushing the legs forward, repeating the movement 15 times / group, which can effectively exercise leg muscles and waist strength.