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Solar Powered Mason Jars with 4pcs bright led light (48pcs/ctn/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-30
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Solar Powered Mason Jars with 4pcs bright led light 

Solar mason jars are beautiful at night! If there is a small balcony, a small garden or something, it is really a literary art, a fresh and powerful weapon.

The real thing is more beautiful than the photo, and the real thing will have a little bit of a feeling. Photographing will have a reflection of the light.

The exclusive solar cover can be recharged for use, solar charging, full charge for 4-5 hours, and full for 10 hours. The life of the battery can be maintained for about 500 cycles.

Before using it, you need to open the switch inside the cover and turn the button to the on direction. The solar light is designed for automatic light sensing, and the light bulb automatically lights up at night and automatically extinguishes during the day. If you want to test whether the solar light is working properly during the day, you can cover the position of the cover with your hand, and the lamp bead will light itself. In addition, the original use of the lamp beads is that you can freely put flowers on your own, and the small decorations will go in, so that the lights will be more beautiful.

When charging under solar energy, remember to turn the button to the ON direction, otherwise the sun light is off and you can't charge it!

Solar Panel: Solar Jar

With a 600mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery