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multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner for car cleaning (1pack=20pcs=$299)

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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-07-31
body color:
  • white
  • navy blue
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Company Details

Mini car multifunctional vacuum cleaner,freind for your car. 20pcs per pack.

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Input voltage: 5V 2A

Battery capacity: rechargeable 5000mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Continuous use time: 20 minutes

Suction: 4000Pa

Filtration device: HEPA filtration principle

Product specification: 198 * 66mm

Product heart: alloy motor, intelligent inner core

Motor speed: 35000 r per min

A variety of accessories: brush, USB charging cable,

Color: white, navy blue

Packing quantity: 20pcs

Weight: 13kg

Customizable logo / OEM

Product features: compact and portable, strong suction, car and home dual-purpose, fast charging. Low noise operation, short circuit protection, power saving.

Packing:1pc per paper box,with english manu, USB charging wire, and spare parts