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Magnetic attracting luminous bracelet (200pcs/ctn/lot)

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Updated: 2020-08-04
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Company Details

Magnetic attracting luminous bracelet

Magnetic attracting luminous bracelet is made of PVC + ABS material, and there is a large area printed LOGO on the shell and the strap (laser LOGO or silk screen can be selected for the strap), which is a good promotional gift. The tape is highly transparent, which will definitely make you more eye-catching at the concert party. The switch uses a magnet buckle for easier wearing. Can be used for: concerts, holiday parties, bar parties, annual party celebrations, fans to help.

Product size: inner diameter 6cm (7 * 6.5 * 3cm)

Material: ABS battery box + TPU light guide

Packing: 1pc/opp bag; 200pcs/ctn; 34*34*36cm; 6.2/7.5kg

Light color: Red / Green / Blue / White / Pink / Orange / Yellow / Colorful

Product function: toggle switch-on / off

Battery model: 2pcs * CR1220 battery

Weight: 15g

Life time: Continuously on for about 30-40 hours

Environmental protection ABS plastic shell

The battery box is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic case, and the front of the case supports custom logos. The color of the case can be customized.

Magnet wearing design

New design, magnet wearing, strong ferromagnetic suction, easy to wear and remove

High transmittance TPU light guide

Advantages of TPU wristband design:

1. Reduce the number of lamp beads and improve battery life

2. Support engraving logo, silk screen logo

3. Under dark light, the brightness of the light guide bar is the same as that of the lamp beads.

TPU wristband light effect

The effect of the radium carving logo is very good

LED light color

Conventional light colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white, pink, colorful

Wristband length supports customization

TPU length can be customized according to requirements, suitable for different people to wear