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Whole wheel light bike hub decoration lamp ( 20pcs/lot )

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Whole wheel light bike hub decoration lamp ( 20pcs/lot )

- Item No.: B1080C

- Size: 85*85*17mm

- Material: ABS

- Number of LED: 7 LED

- Battery: 300mAh rechargeable

- Suitable hub size: Max. Dia.30mm

- Function: 7 color flashing, 18 modes

- Protection grade: IP65

- Working time: about 8 hours

- Application: Bike for children or adult, Balance car

- Package list: light*1; USB cable*1; Rubber gasket*6

Wheel hub lights that keep light even when parked in place

- 7 light colors, 18 flashing modes

- The protection level of the product reaches IP65

- Optimized design for longer product life

- USB charging, easy to use

This product is fixed on the wheel axle of bicycle. The transparent shell is made of ABS material, which has good light transmittance and can provide enough strength to prevent the product from being broken easily. It is applicable to all axles with a diameter of no more than 30mm, which means that it can be used not only on adult bicycles, but also on children's cars, small wheel cars and even balance cars.

In addition to the transparent housing, the accessories of this hub lamp are installed on the high-quality black bracket. There is a switch button and a USB charging port on the shell and both are designed to be waterproof, so as to fully protect the internal lights, batteries and other components. One end of the shell has a firm clasp, which is made of new ABS material, not easy to be broken, so that the product can be safely installed on the wheel.

Unlike traditional wheel lights, this product does not need to use riding to activate the function of light. Just press and hold the switch for a long time before you start riding, and choose the light you want, then start to enjoy the ride. It will send out the light you like and keep it with you. Because the hub light is circular, even if your bike stops in place, its wheels can be completely covered by color lights. From a distance, your bike seems to have become a suspended vehicle, which will make you full of science fiction color.

So what lighting effects does it have?

- When the switch is off, press and hold for 2 seconds to start the product and select the light color.

- Control the light color through the switch. The color will switch back and forth between red, blue, green, pink, yellow, blue, color and alternate flash.

- If you want to turn off its light, just press the switch for a long time at any time.

- When the switch is off, long press for 3 seconds to enter the light changing mode, and 18 kinds of lights will change automatically.

This product uses waterproof design, the protection level reaches IP65, even when cycling in rainy days, the product can still work normally. At the same time, it should also be noted that the product can not be immersed in water for a long time, which may cause product failure.

On the transparent ABS shell of the hub lamp, some orderly arranged diamond luminous points are designed and manufactured on these shells, which will make the direction of the light change, so that the product luminous effect will be more gorgeous, especially in the color lamp mode.

The high brightness LED installed inside the hub lamp can emit striking light. This makes it safer to ride at night, especially for children.

Some people don't like to put luminous products on their bicycles. One of the reasons is that many products are installed on the spokes of bicycles. There is no need for these people to worry that the rotating wheels will deform slowly due to the deviation of the center of gravity after the luminous products are installed.

At present, most of the products have been deeply designed. During the design process, engineers have considered the above problems. In particular, this hub lamp is installed on the axis of the wheel lamp, which has no impact on riding. Except for the beautiful light and the attracted eyes, it will not bring you anything else.

In addition to a hub lamp and a USB charging cable, there are six rubber gaskets in the package of the product. These gaskets will play a key role in the installation of the products. They can prevent skidding and make the products stably installed on the wheels without shaking during riding. Of course, the premise of the above is that your bicycle axle is the right size.

Using a 60cm USB charging cable, open the silicone waterproof plug at the charging port to charge the hub lamp. When the red light is on, it means that the product is charging, and when the green light is on, it means that the product is fully charged. Unplug the power cord and cover the waterproof plug, you can start to use the hub light to show the gorgeous effect.