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Solar power led light string with cherry blossom styles (60pcs per pack)

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Details:60strings per carton box!

Cherry blossom lamp string for solar decoration

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[product overview]: cherry blossom is a cultural element. Solar LED lamp string is a kind of decorative lamp which is powered by solar energy and composed of several LED lamps. The lamp uses solar panel, which can convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in the built-in battery for LED light. The light control technology can ensure that the lamp can be automatically charged in the daytime (when the light is sufficient) and light up automatically at night (when the light is insufficient). In addition, the lamp is easy to install, waterproof and sunscreen. Products are used in roads, courtyards, windows, shops, venues, stage and other places. As a decorative lamp for Christmas tree, it can create a warm and romantic festival atmosphere. be careful! The brightness of the solar lamp string is only used for outdoor decoration, and the brightness is not used for lighting.

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

1. [product name]: solar lamp string, solar cherry blossom lamp string

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

2. [Specification]:50 Cherry Blossom lamps, 50 led beads, lamp string length 7m, lamp distance 10cm, lead 2m, 8 function flashing.

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

3. [wire material]: PVC wire is used for the wire rod of this product, and the bulb is wrapped with PVC sleeve

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

4. [lamp bead material]: LED energy saving lamp bead

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

5. [main features]: 1. Energy saving 2. Long life; 3. Pure luminescence; 4. High relative brightness; 5. Not easy to be damaged and reused; 6. Cold light source, not easy to heat, high conversion rate; 7. Voltage 1.2V, light source power 0.03W.

cherry blossom lamp string used for decoration

6. [solar panel]: 2V 100mA solar panel

7. [battery]: rechargeable battery Ni-MH AA 600mah

8. [mode]: 1; normally on mode. 2. Wave type change. 3: Continuous change. 4: Flicker change.

5. Slow flash change. 6. The change of Ming and Mie. 7. Dream change. 8. Flash change. A total of 8 modes can be adjusted.

9. [charging time]: it can be charged for 6-8 hours in the sunlight during the day, and can also be illuminated by light depending on the strength of the sunlight

10. [lighting time]: normally 8-12 hours when fully charged

11. [waterproof grade of lamp string]: IP44

12. [about packaging]: PVC bag packaging is the default. Carton packaging can be changed according to customer requirements.