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Reflective LED slap bracelet for night running (400pcs/ctn/lot)

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Updated: 2020-08-05
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Company Details

Reflective LED slap bracelet for night running

USB charging LED luminous wristband, nylon material. It could do customized logo on the product. The color of the light is diverse and there are many choices. You can choose from them or customize according to your needs. Velcro hooks make it easy to take off, it is the best choice for night running, night riding and night sports.

[Product description]: USB charging LED luminous wristband

[Blink Mode]: Steady / Fast Flash / Slow Flash / Off

[Always on time]: 6-8 hours (rechargeable battery)

[Material]: Polyester nylon + metal steel sheet + lamp beads

[Size]: 25cm long and 2.5cm wide (specifications can be customized by contacting customer service)

[Packing quantity]: 400 boxes

[Outer box size]: 23 * 31 * 61cm

[Gross. Net weight]: 0.030kg / piece Gross weight per box: 12kg Net weight: 13kg

[Color]: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, white

Packing: 1pc wristband+1pc USB line/opp bag; 400pcs/ctn; 47*43*29cm, 13.5/12kg

Powerful Velcro

Easy stripping, not easy to fall off, length can be adjusted 4cm

Delicate buckle

Smooth metal buckle, not easy to rust, easy to use.

Switch design

The bump switch design is easy to touch and bright at one point.

Jog switch can switch, fast flash-slow flash-constant light mode.

USB charging design

USB charging style, can be charged at any time. Suitable for various USB charging ports, no longer use battery.

Various forms can be customized according to customer requirements. Design fonts and patterns in various colors. Glowing, flashing, and various types, you can wear it yourself or give it away. Affordable and beautiful.

The material of USB charging LED luminous wristband is soft in texture, beautiful in appearance, simple in appearance, and diverse in color and style.