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Home sport favor led luminous skipping rope (300pcs/ctn/lot)

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Updated: 2020-08-07
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Company Details

Home sport favor led luminous skipping rope (No.:BCB-013)

Luminous skipping rope with soft PVC material, is a best item for home sport. Applicable occasions: children’s luminous toys, fitness sports, gifts for sports shoes, gymnastics and fitness products, etc.

Product name: luminous skipping rope

Product weight: 0.09kg

Product material: pvc+led light

Product lamp beads: 13 high-brightness LED lamp beads

Product length: 210cm

Product color: blue, pink

Battery: 3pcs*AG13(included)

Product packaging: opp bag; 300 pieces in a box

Uses and occasions of luminous skipping rope: sports, vision, intellectual development, hands-on brain, grasping, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, parent-child communication, interest training

Tips for skipping rope:

Wear soft, lightweight sports shoes to avoid ankle injuries.

The rope is soft and hard and of moderate thickness. Beginners should usually use hard ropes, but can be changed to soft ropes after proficiency.

It is better to choose a moderately hard lawn, wooden floor, and dirt ground. Do not skip rope on hard concrete ground to avoid damage to joints and cause brain concussion.

Muscles and joints must be relaxed when skipping rope, and the toes and heels must be coordinated to prevent sprains.

People with heavier weight should use both feet to rise and fall at the same time. At the same time, the jump should not be too high to avoid injury to the joints due to excessive weight bearing.