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Laser effect fiber light music sensitive mask (50pcs/ctn)

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Laser effect fiber light music sensitive mask (50pcs/ctn)

- Item No. M-63L

- Material: Mercerized fabric

- Product color: Black / White / Pink

- Power supply: USB rechargeable (5V/1A)

- Size: 150*230mm

- Accessary: USB charging cable*1

- Battery: 200mAh

- Charging time: about 2 hours

- Working time: about 3-4 hours

- Single pack: PE bag for each set

- Pack size: 210*150mm

- Weight: 46g/pc

This kind of mask is very suitable for people who like to go to bars and enjoy nightclub life. Wearing a mask can make you different while protecting yourself. In addition, it can also be used as a warning sign in outdoor sports. Such a novel gift must be given to the best friend.

The lines on the mask are carefully designed by us. When the switch is not turned on, you will not even notice the difference between it and ordinary masks. Everything will change until you turn on the mask switch, and you will find that the lines start their own performance in the wonderful music, and the light is bouncing and changing on the mask. Not only that, the colors of the lines also show different colors and flicker with the rhythm of the music. These special lights make everyone wearing this mask full of fashion sense.

A color LED is installed inside the mask, powered by a rechargeable battery. The mask itself comes in three colors, black, white and pink. It's the size for most people. There are adjustable accessories on the sling to make sure everyone can wear it comfortably.

Seven lines made of optical fiber are distributed on the outer surface of the mask. After turning on the switch of the product, color light will be emitted from these optical fibers and can flash different lighting effects with the rhythm of music.

The mask is made of mercerized fabric, which has antibacterial effect and is easy to clean. When cleaning, it is necessary to pay attention to the charging port and switch of the product to avoid contact with water. It is recommended to gently scrub the surface of the mask. If too much force is applied, the service life of the optical fiber inside the product may be affected. After cleaning, put it in a cool place to dry and get ready for the next wonderful night.