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led flash silicone collar (480pcs per ctn)

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Updated: 2020-08-13
led color:
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • white
  • pink
  • orange
  • colorful
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Company Details

led flashing collar of Silicone material,rechargeable led collar,flashing necker for your pet walking in grassland at night.

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1. The good handle of silicone material and rechargeable battery make the flash collar more practical. Whether it is used for parties or other occasions, it is eye-catching.

2. Product material: silica gel, ABS

3. Luminous colors: red, yellow, green, blue, white, pink, orange, colorful

4. Product features: 70cm in length, according to the needs of any length can be cut, easy to use

5. Battery: rechargeable CR1015, capacity 80mah, working for 2hours

6. Charging cable: USB

7. Packaging: one in an OPP bag

8. Flicker function: fast flash, slow flash, constant light

9. Weight: 54 grams per animal

10. Perimeter: 70 cm

Gmtlight's comments on LED flash silicone collar:

Bad 2020, politicians all over the world are fighting, is that interesting?

If you wear an LED silicone collar for your dog and yourself and go for a walk in the lawn, will your mood be much better? Try it!